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Salefish is a powerful web-based, hosted solution that connects builders, developers and their sales agents in real-time, to up-to-date unit details, pricing, availability and much more, so they can sell and manage – more effectively!

Salefish has streamlined the selling process and greatly enhanced the customer experience – See how.

Our software operates on iPads, Tablets and LED displays with Interactive Touch Screens.

Salefish Software real estate siting table

Everything you need to manage and sell, instantly!

real time real estate information

Real-Time, Synced Information

eliminate real estate sales mistakes

Eliminates Sales Mistakes

real estate software on device

Mobile Sales, Anytime, Anywhere

revenue management graph

Dynamic Revenue Management

customer engagement tool

Impactful Customer Engagement

automated purchaser data screen

Automated Purchaser Data

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Client Success Story

“O2 is a unique project with unique purchasers. SaleFish accurately modeled the building and was customized to enable a very flexible selling process. This allowed us to sell easily and effectively manage the revenue of the project.”

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ActiveSiting for Home Builders

ActiveMatrix for Condo Developers

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