Salefish Helps PACE Developments Set the Pace

November 08, 2018

With over 30 years’ experience in new home and condominium development and construction across Ontario, PACE Developments has an excellent track record and reputation in the new home marketplace. Rather than resting on its laurels, management is always on the lookout for ways to improve their efficiency and customer service.

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Salefish: Point of sale software a hit with new home buyers

September 21, 2018

Salefish, a cloud-based point-of-sale real estate software solution, has proven to be a hit with real estate developers, new home builders, salespeople and clients.

The software is being used to provide up-to-date information about the building lots and home design options in new developments.

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Plus Group of Companies employees build Scarborough boy a playground

August 29, 2018

Non-profit group Million Dollar Smiles supports local family

Recently, the Plus Group of Companies (RN Design, Salefish Software, Coolaid Studios and SRN Architects Inc.) pitched in to help to put a smile on the face of three-year-old Vikaas Suvendiran and his parents, in Scarborough.

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3-year Old Enjoys a Backyard Playground Thanks to Plus Group Team Building

August 24, 2018

Million Dollar Smiles abound from the PLUS GROUP Of Companies headed by Rob Nicolucci (kneeling front left). His team, representing RN Design, Salefish Software, COOLAID Studios and SRN Architects Inc., recently donated and built a complete backyard playground for a Scarborough, ON family with a 3-year old with developmental health challenges.

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Four Real Estate Companies Donate Time and Resources to Build A Backyard Playground

August 22, 2018

Recently, the PLUS GROUP Of Companies (RN Design, Salefish Software, COOLAID Studios and SRN Architects Inc.) pitched in to help to put a smile on the face of 3-year-old Vikaas Suvendiran and his parents. An only child, Vikaas is diagnosed with severe Global Development Delay.

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Question and Answer with Rick Haws

May 25, 2018

Not all prospective new-home buyers love every step of the process. For anyone who’s ever stood in line at a grand opening or waited patiently for their turn to select a unit, floorplan or lot, you know there’s a huge time commitment.

Some of that may be changing, however, thanks to technology and software that expedites the process. One such example is Salefish.

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38th BILD Awards Recognizes the Best of the Best!

May 10, 2018

On Friday May 4th, over 1,300 industry leaders in the Greater Toronto Area gathered for the 38th Annual BILD Awards presented by the Building Industry and Land Development Association (BILD). They recognized the astounding achievements of developers, new home builders, architects, designers as well as sales and marketing professionals across our region.

Congratulations to our clients on their well deserved nomination and awards.

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Salefish Software Takes the Hassle Out of New Home Buying

May 04, 2018

For all the excitement that comes with purchasing a new home, a visit to the sales centre can be stressful if buyers have to deal with lists, line-ups, and scheduling appointments.

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Dynamic Revenue Matrices The Engine That Drives Salefish

April 12, 2018

Time is money, and organization saves time. This is how award-winning Salefish software is revolutionizing the new home and condo real estate market in North America. A cloud-based point-of-sale (POS) software, Salefish enables the quick, accurate sharing of information among builders, developers, salespeople and purchasers. Salefish’s proprietary ActiveMatrix console is the engine that drives this system of real-time sales data, current revenue and forecasting throughout the sales and marketing cycle.

Why Salefish? The software has numerous benefits, beginning with eliminating the potential for double sales. On the iPAD, dynamic revenue matrices translate to continually updated information, so sales agents and customers can search for condominium suites by unit type, floor, orientation and price. They can access details on items such as amenities, building and suite features, suite configurations and orientation, pricing and more. The program alerts agents of units that are sold reserved or deals-in-progress, and enables them to answer questions quickly and with confidence. Vital customer information can be captured with a scan of ID documents. Click here to watch a demo video:

Salefish enables sales teams to sell homes and condos from their iPADs from anywhere in the world. Builders and developers with multiple projects can arrange for each to have its own Matrix within the same platform. Revenue reporting is fast and accurate, and makes forecasting and planning easier. Salefish saves time, money and effort.

Clients pay licensing, set-up and monthly fees to use Salefish in order to streamline their paperwork process and provide a pleasant, efficient experience for purchasers. To find out more about what Salefish has to offer, visit

Salefish – The Real Time Software Solution that Really Works

February 01, 2018

With a new home real estate market that is bustling with activity, purchasing a home in the Greater Toronto Area and Greater Golden Horseshoe is accomplished amid a background of complexity.

Keeping track of what has sold and what stages the various sales are at is a challenge for builders and developers. The variables such as which homes can go on what lots combine with architectural requirements and availability to create a scenario in which costly mistakes can occur. Enter Salefish, the award-winning software that provides real-time inventory, pricing and reports to streamline the process.

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