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Completely unique

Designed to improve the entire selling process and customer experience, Salefish works unlike any other software by enabling complete control in real-time, of all unit availability, pricing and project revenue.

Our proprietary, dynamic ActiveMatrix is an innovative management console that provides total control over your entire project or portfolio of properties. Price out your entire building in a fraction of the time it takes to do it manually and make important pricing adjustments by unit, floor or orientation, on-the-go easily, to accommodate for market conditions or sales promotion events. Request a Demo now.

Salefish benefits both management and sales through web-based tools.

live revenue management tool

Live, instantaneous project details

highrise matrix builder software

Automated matrix builds

real time management benefit

Real time project and transaction data

mobile real estate software on device

Fully mobile technology

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Powered by ActiveMatrix, the management control panel ensures that every search result is completely up-to-date. By using Salefish’s iPAD solution, sales agents and customers can search by unit type, floor, orientation and price.

activematrix search feature


By simply selecting a specific unit type all available units are highlighted. When selecting the preferred unit, sales agents can then proceed to view the details with their customer and close the sale.

activematrix condo selection software

View Details

After the preferred unit is selected, customers can view the unit by floor plan and orientation. Any additional details that are unique to that unit or building can be included.

activematrix condo sales details

Purchase Details

Payment details, amenities and specific building notes are a click away. Within these sections all necessary information can be viewed by with the customer providing an informative buying experience by the sales agent.

activematrix condo purchase features

Close the Sale

The Purchaser Summary captures the customer details, enabling the sales agents to close the sale quickly. The ActiveMatrix automatically updates the unit status and adjusts the revenue reporting for the entire project.

activematrix highrise sales completion

Features and Benefits

Eliminate Double Sales

Salefish prevents the sale of the same unit twice as all data is instantly updated across the network, sales agents and customers alike can rest assured of their suites status. Notifications alert sales agents of solds, reserves and deals-in-process.

Accurate Unit Availability

Powerful sorting lets you see which units are available according to floor, unit type, orientation or price range. Floor plans and unit details are easily accessible directly from the iPad, enabling sales agents to answer questions quickly and with confidence.

Manage Critical Info

From the initial pre-launch registrations to on-site activity, Salefish captures all your vital customer information. With this automatically collected in the system, sales agents sell more effectively and never lose a customer’s interests or requirements.

Sell on the Go

Salefish uses the latest in mobile technology to arm both management and sales teams with all the information they need, wherever they go. With all the unit details available right from their iPad, sales agents can sell from anywhere in the world.

Ideal for Multiple Projects

Flexible to meet unique requirements, Salefish can be configured for multiple projects each with their own Matrix. Likewise, it accommodates unlimited users enabling different teams on a single platform.

Plan & Forecast Accurately

Comprehensive reports bring current traffic and sales data, revenue updates, building forecasts by unit type, total sales and revenue per square foot information into view, anytime it’s needed.

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