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Our proprietary live-siting technology called ActiveSiting confirms instantaneously that a model & lot is available according to the zoning by-laws and architectural guidelines.

With access to critical product and sales information home buyers and sales agents alike benefit from a more efficient and streamlined sales process.

Our Home Builder solution operates on iPads and LED displays with Interactive Touch Screens.   Request a Demo to find out more.

Salefish is designed to benefit your entire team.

live real estate siting benefit

Live, instantaneous project details

mobile siting technology

Full mobile technology

real time information sync

Real-time project and transaction data

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Shortened decision-making time

ActiveSiting delivers live pre-siting. Take the tour.

With instantaneous access to model and lot availability,  ActiveSiting delivers an informed purchasing experience.


ActiveSiting enables sales agents to lead customers through the buying process by searching specific criteria. Customers can shop by model, lot, price or grading preference.

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By selecting a specific model, the Site Plan highlights the lots which are available for the desired model according to the pre-siting and architectural controls. As Salefish is a web-based solution, all content is always accurate and up-to-date.

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View Details

Additional details for the chosen model and lot can be quickly accessed, including lot siting information, and any relevant information such as elevation and sidewalk location.

activesiting lowrise details

Purchase Details

The purchase details feature allows you to easily navigate through the price, payment terms, and special notes for the selected site.

activesiting lowrise purchase feature

Close the Sale

In closing the sale, Salesfish displays confirmation of remaining details, followed by the Purchaser Summary worksheet. This enables sales agents to finalize the sale quickly. As soon as the transaction is complete, Salefish automatically updates the site plan table and makes the required updates according to the sites architectural rules.

activesiting home purchase completion view

Features and Benefits

Control Developments Effectively

With ActiveSiting, you have immediate access to up-to-date availability for every house on every lot: setbacks, utilities, and more. With complete architectural control over your project, your customers make confident purchasing decisions—quickly.

End-to-End Customer Data Tracking

From pre-registration online to sales traffic on-site, Salefish collects and compiles all relevant customer contact information and housing interests for easy retrieval. Salefish can use this information to auto-populate forms and worksheets upon sale.

Flexible and Dynamic to Fit Your Specs

Salefish is completely customizable to suit your project’s requirements and it can be utilized across multiple developments simultaneously. We configure the software to use your site plans, elevation renderings, and zoning requirements to conform to your unique specifications.

Detailed Reporting for Better Management

Intuitive reporting tracks all property information in real time and can be managed easily by administrators and managers. Allowing for detailed analysis with current data, reports can be easily exported for presentations.

Confident Buying Experience

When buyers experience a smooth, transparent purchase, your brand builds confidence with purchasers. Up-to-date, accurate information gives your sales team the ability to close sales effectively and set your brand apart from the competition.

Save Time on Frequent Tasks

Auto-populated and auto-generated worksheets, purchase agreements and warranty forms minimize data entry time, human error and the need for printed reports.

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