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Salefish software empowers you to perform efficiently and effectively.

Whether you’re selling low-rise, high-rise, or stacked townhouses, each type of real estate comes with its own unique challenges. That’s why we’ve developed a complete sales software solution for each.

Salefish is the only real estate sales software that puts you in complete control with real-time information, dynamic streamlined processes, and total connectivity so you champion sales and customer experience. Find out how Salefish will benefit your entire team.

Salefish software operates on iPads, Tablets and LED displays with Interactive Touch Screens.

Refine and shorten the sales process

Without live, up-to-date information at your fingertips, your sale is stalled as property availability and details must be retrieved manually. With Salefish software, all information is accessed in real-time so critical information is always available to close the sale.

Through with our proprietary technologies, ActiveSiting (for low-rise projects) and ActiveMatrix (for condominiums and stacked townhouses), Salefish automatically tracks availability, solds, deals-in-process, revenue and all property details.

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Extinguish confusion and buyer frustration.

Imagine how easy it would be to close sales if you knew exactly which units were available before that critical moment of decision making passes.

With total connectivity, Salefish puts this information right in your hands. Most importantly, Salefish safeguards against duplicate sales and common mistakes preventing confusion and frustration by increasing communication between agents.

Engage and immerse your buyers in their future home from anywhere.

Salefish makes engagement a breeze by utilizing the latest in mobile and interactive technology. Directly from Salefish on the iPad, foreign real estate sales can take place at the same time with the same ease as domestic. Specific models, units or floors can be designated by event for foreign sales, allowing sales agents in other markets to access those unique properties.

Salefish makes closing the sale easier than you ever thought possible. Nothing helps to build your reputation like selling with confidence in the information you have for a property. Real-time information allows you to answer clearly and directly to specific questions when they occur.

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Manage deals, not documents.

Salefish captures all purchaser information from pre-registrations and in-sales center activity, enabling you to automatically populate worksheets, purchase agreements and warranty forms with exact buyer and property details.

Excellent customer service from industry insiders.

Salefish was developed by industry experts who have spent decades in the field. We’re here to help get your team up and running smoothly.

You can be rest assured that we are here to support you from initial configuration to any questions you have along the way.

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ActiveSiting for Home Builders

ActiveMatrix for Condo Developers

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