stacked townhouse sales software on ipad and siting table
Builders of stacked townhouse face a unique set of challenges, needing both sales data and the revenue management power of ActiveMatrix—so we delivered a complete solution.

Our solution combines the best modules from low-rise and high-rise to ensure maximum revenue control, access to essential sales data and unit availability all powered through the ActiveMatrix console.

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Live information, visualized and mobilized, for Stacked Townhouses.

See and Manage all Details

By accessing the live site plan, you can search model availability based on unit type, price and location.

Revenue Management

Our stacked solution utilizes the dynamic ActiveMatrix, enabling total revenue management for each block and the total project, and can be created in a fraction of the time in comparison to creating them manually.

Minimize Sales Mistakes

Salefish automatically ensures that no townhouse can be sold twice. Through instantly synced information and notifications, Salefish strengthens communication with your sales team, minimizing miscommunications and eliminating outdated information.

Detail Reporting

Detailed reporting relays traffic and sales data, revenue updates, building forecasts by unit type, total sales, and revenue per square foot. All reports can be quickly viewed through Salefish or exported in any common format for presentations.

Streamlined Info Tracking

By automatically collecting purchaser information right from pre-registration through onsite activity, Salefish makes customer information easy to track and retrieve, necessary for auto-populating and generating agreements.

For Multiple Projects

Flexible to meet particular requirements, Salefish can be customized for multiple projects. Likewise, Salefish can accommodate unlimited users, allowing deployment among different teams on a single platform.

Watch Salefish in Action

ActiveSiting for Home Builders

ActiveMatrix for Condo Developers

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For Stacked Townhouses, we’ve combined the best technology for a unique solution. Request a Demo to learn how it can work for your project.

Townhouse Builders using Salefish