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Salefish was built to solve major challenges real estate professionals face every day.

When faced with costly sales mistakes incurred by a lack of readily available information, accurate pre-siting, updated revenue control and planning tools, Salefish was developed by building experts who decided to innovate a solution.

Salefish benefits clients at every level of their organization.

From sales to operations and management, Salesfish is the total solution complete with tools for every department in your organization. Salefish includes features for the collection of customer data, streamlining the sales process, enabling dynamic revenue forecasting and real-time reporting through our ActiveMatrix console, and so much more!

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Salefish brings real-time access to essential information for all decision-makers.

Salefish works on a real-time, so decisions can be made with the confidence of accurate information. In addition to reducing sales mistakes caused by outdated or inaccessible information, Salefish delivers updates and notifications throughout your team instantly, improving day-to-day workflow and productivity.

Truly effective solutions move your business forward

We believe that truly effective building solutions are the result of pragmatic user-centric design practices, real estate intelligence and substantial collaboration among industry specialists.

Our proprietary solutions were developed to do more than just solve problems: they enable your entire team to do their jobs better than before, streamlining workflow and increasing productivity.

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Each Salefish solution is designed for a specific building type.

A generic one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t produce the best results when it comes to the unique challenges each building type faces. Each of our solutions is tailor made to solve those challenges.

Whether you’re a low-rise home builder, a high-rise developer, or a builder of stacked townhouses, Salefish’s software was built from the ground up completely dedicated to address your individual needs.

Salefish is completely hosted: no maintenance required

We configure and host the software for you, so you never face maintenance or hardware costs. Instead, you’re able to simply rent the software for your projects as needed. This means no worries about downtime or hiring additional IT staff.

Salefish can be fully configured and ready for use, complete with all of your building details and building-specific features, within a few weeks, drastically reducing start-up time while your team prepares for your site’s opening.

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