Salefish Software team
Who is Salefish?

We’re a team of architectural specialists and strategic leaders fueled by over 20 years of real estate expertise. And we’ve developed the most advanced automatic pre-siting and matrix software in the world.

Salefish was created by industry insiders

What happened when one of Canada’s preeminent architectural design firms decided to solve major real estate development challenges once and for all? Salefish was created.

Our company was formed on a single, ambitious premise: to create innovative technologies that would effectively eliminate the issues which challenges the building community. From our origin within RN Design, we have been on a mission to engineer solutions for real-time pre-siting, dynamic revenue matrices and more effective sales processes. The result is a powerful suite of tools for developers of all building types—innovations that have changed how developers plan, manage, and sell their properties.

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Success inspires success

From the first commercially viable software release of the Live Siting Analysis in 2008, Salefish has continued to develop applications for specific building types.

  • Architectural programming began as early as 1996.
  • Live Siting Analysis was released in 2008.
  • New Sites, Inc. was founded in the spring of 2010 and the first Interactive Site Plan (ISP) was released early in 2011
  • ActiveMatrix and its iPad for high-rise application were launched in 2011
  • Live Siting Analysis was renamed to ActiveSiting in 2012.
  • In the fall of 2012, the iPad for low-rise application was released
  • Renamed to Salefish, Inc. and launched in the fall of 2012

Leadership Team

Rob Nicolucci


Rob founded RN Design Ltd in 1991, an architectural design firm, and has successfully led its growth becoming one of Canada’s leading and preeminent design firms. In 2006, Rob set out to design a POS solution for the home building industry, converging “live siting analysis” with a customer engagement sales tool, and soon found the firm in the software development business. The first commercially viable release was in 2006. Since then, Rob has led the team through several strategic milestones and in 2011/12 successfully completed 20+ client-side engagements.

Rick Haws

President & Founder

Rick has successfully managed the development and implementation teams since inception. Rick’s 18 years in the architectural design business has been a tremendous benefit where he continues to provide industry insights and project oversight. He has proven expertise in strategic planning, business development and organizational management.

Farzin Rasooli

Chief Technology Officer

Farzin has over 15 years of experience in information technology, analytical problem solving, design and implementation. He has designed more than 20 practical web applications while working in financial services, oil and gas and building development He joined Salefish in 2009 as team leader overseeing the agile development of the software while implementing change management processes and improving the applications overall flexibility. Farzin received his Masters Degrees in Information System Management (ISM) from the University of Liverpool (UK) and a Bachelor’s Degree in Software Engineering from the University of Azad (Tehran).

Fred Nicolucci

Manager, Project Implementation

Fred joined the company in 2006 and has successfully held several positions in the siting and grading group, technology and sales support. He was instrumental in the launch of the Live Siting Analysis technology released in 2008 working closely on the implementation. Fred has been directly involved on-boarding, training and project management since Salefish’s inception. Prior to 2006 Fred spent 15 years in the computer and video markets, in both outside and inside sales, technical and customer support.

Karen Hanson

Chief Financial Officer

As senior Financial Management Executive, with a proven record encompassing Financial, Planning and Reporting, Information Systems, Audit, Costing, AP and AR, and Administration, Karen brings 20+ years and financial oversight to the business. She is an enthusiastic and energetic leader, able to recognize, effect and follow-up changes for process improvement.

Vincent GU

Software Engineer

With over twenty years experience in software development and integration, Vince has an integral role in the ongoing development, prototyping, automation, testing and implementation. He posses significant experience in coding languages including C++, C#.Net, VB, Java and Action Script and has successfully developed several applications using SQL Server, Oracle and Access databases.

Vince holds a M.Sc. in computational Mechanics and a B.E. in Civil Engineering. He is an active member of PMI (Project Management Institute) and CPMPAC.