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Salefish Software offers a truly unique buying experience to new home buyers.

Now customers can purchase a home at their convenience and in the comfort of their own environment. With our Active Siting technology customers will be able to find their own dream home. Within minutes they can select a signing date, fill in essential information and leave a deposit thus ensuring their selection. This significantly streamlines the selling process and creates a great purchaser experience.

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Today’s Home Buyers are looking for open convenient access to information, process and pricing transparency.

In addition to real-time pricing, model and lot availability Home Buyer Live provides other key information such as floor plans, pre-sitings, payment schedules, features and finishes and closing dates. All the information required to close a deal.

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Secure your sales in advance of the initial sales office appointment.

Traditionally new home sales involve lists, line ups and appointments. With Home Buyer Live purchasers can show up to sign agreements with confidence.

Home Buyer Live delivers home sales. Take the tour.

Search for a Home

Allow new home buyers to shop for models based on lot size, model size, price and number of bedrooms. Models meeting their search criteria are displayed with additional information including floor plans. Once a model is selected the site plan is displayed indicating which lots are available for that model. Once a lot is selected a complete summary is displayed.

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Search for a Lot

Allow new home buyers to shop for lots based on their model selection. Once a lot is selected a complete summary is displayed.


Allow new home buyers to shop for a lot first. Once a lot is selected the models that are available on that lot are displayed. Once a model is selected a complete summary is displayed.

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The summary provides detailed information about the home buyers potential purchase. Information such as a pre-siting of the model on the lot, if the home is standard or reversed, the grading condition, the total price including any lot, grading or upgrade premiums and the tentative closing date. From here the home buyer can reserve their selection.

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Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions define the next steps for completing the transaction, such as a time limit, information required and fees associated to reserving online as well as the picking a date to sign the Sales Agreement. Once the terms are accepted the transactional phase begins. Purchaser information, deposit and administrative fees are collected and confirmation is sent.

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Client Testimonial

“We are very pleased with the effortless flexibility and convenience the Salefish online tool
offered our buyers. Given the choice, 20% of our purchasers reserved their homes online. Home sales have never wrapped up so quickly and efficiently.”

Amanda Wilson Watkins, Vice
President of Marketing and Sales for Minto Communities, Canada.

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